adapted from Ingmar Bergman's screenplay


©Yi Zhao

Yale Cabaret 

CAST: Monique Bernadette Barbee, Lucas Dixon, Laura Gragtmans, Emily Reilly

CREATIVE TEAM: SET - Kristen Robinson COSTUMES - Seth Bodie  LIGHTS - Masha Tsimering  SOUND - Solomon Wisebard PROJECTIONS - Paul Lieber  STAGE MANAGER - Sonja Thorson DRAMATURG - Emily Reilly  

Alexandru Mihail, who laid an insane table for Chekhov’s The Wedding Reception at the Cabaret last year, goes still and immaculate for this gently told yet not at all tender tale of female bonding, one-sided confession and stressed solipsism. [...] The effect of Bergman’s words, on a wide open stage that spans the length of the Cabaret space, played by humans who touch and spit at each other without distancing camera angles, is mesmerizing, lulling, transfixing.
— Christopher Arnott, New Haven Theatre Jerk
Staged by the Yale Cabaret, directed by Alexandru Mihail, Persona is a thrilling reminder of the costs of our social selves and a memorable example of the power of theater. [...] The characters [...] are delineated with a clarity that gives them weight and scope. The projections of Elizabeth’s husband making breakfast, for instance, or Alma singing along to a Beatles’ song while going about her chores, or the Doctor’s somewhat arch tone, one professional to another, in speaking to Elizabeth—we glimpse in such moments the people beyond the drama we’re watching, people who might inhabit ordinary lives elsewhere. [...] The production has many fine effects involving sound, projections, and effective staging with, at first, an inner room behind gauze, and, later, a mundane beach home of cozy chairs and coffee urns.
— Donald Brown, New Haven Review