Black Comedy 

by Peter Shaffer  


Comedy Theatre, Bucharest  

CAST: Florin Anton, Bogdan Cotlet, Mihai Bendeac, Pavel Barsan, Ana Macovei, Emanuel Parvu, Mihaela Teleoaca, Andreaa Samson

SCENOGRAPHY - Anca Marcu and Alexandru Luta

But nevertheless: when all hope was lost, here it comes, supported by a an initiative of The Comedy Theatre (Comedy Cares about YOUth), a director, Alex Mihail, that has just graduated this last summer and who realizes, using consecrated, old actors and young recruits, a difficult play – Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer – absolutely admirable, without any whims, clichés and tics, with intelligence, good measure and great taste, succeeding in creating one of those typical theatrical items belonging to that mysterious and indefinable category called Shows That You Can Send Your Friends To. And, if this fresh and professional artist will remain the same – fresh and professional – in his next tries, I can affirm that, in a future perspective, the year 2005 didn’t pass for nothing.
— Alice Georgescu, Dilema Veche
A name for the new generation of directors is Alex Mihail. He proves us the talent and the imagination of the new wave. [...] He has has won the Best Director Award at the first edition of the Comedy Gala for his work on Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer. [...] In Romania, there are only very few directors who got close to the work of Peter Shaffer. […] It has been proven that Alex Mihail’s choice was a mature one as he managed to capture the specific British humor, a mixture of irony and black comedy.
— Irina Budeanu, Azi
The critic Alice Georgescu believes that the revelation of the year 2005 will be Alex Mihail “a true artist”. The director has just graduated and he has already staged a show at The Comedy Theatre, “Black Comedy” by Peter Shaffer. Alex Mihail is a graduate of the 2005 Theatre Directing class of Univ. Prof. Tudor Marascu.
— Dan Boicea, Adevarul